Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Careful With Those Paycards

The paycard is a great option for employers.  Just that.  A great option.  They give employers a way to get some cash to an employee's kid at college, or to simply pay the unbanked who cannot get a checking account and opts for it.

However, before an employer simply signs everyone up for it, they should read the following article:


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Running Something Other Than Payroll?

Every aspect of our business is stressful.  From bringing on new clients during the sales process to getting out the W2s at the end of the year.  We all need an outlet for the stress of our day.  I chose to run.

For those with a short attention span, here is the "Reader's Digest" version of this post - I'm running my first marathon on 4/21 supporting the Military Child Education Coalition.  Yes, I'm a little crazy, but I've worked my posterior off to get this far and am pretty excited about it.  It's a fundraiser, so if you have a dollar or a thousand to contribute, the kiddos would appreciate it:  My fundraiser page

Late last year I saw a poster in my gymnast daughter's gym advertising an upcoming 5k race.  It gave me flashbacks to my glory days in High School Cross Country... wait, that's right.  I sucked at Cross Country.  I lettered for participation... not ashamed to admit it.  I calculated how hard I'd have to work to get that letter so Mom and Dad would pop for the nice jacket to put it on.  I'm sure Dad was proud, considering he was one of the coaches LOL (sorry Dad, the truth is out!)!

At any rate, I got the itch to try again.  Maybe I'd have more motivation this time around.  So, like a fool, I signed up for the race, ran three times the week prior, and did it.  It was fun, much more fun than High School Cross Country was.  I was doing it for myself this time, as any runner will tell you, it's just you and the road running against each other.

So I got a crazier idea, and that was to run a Marathon.  We've all seen the apps in the iTunes Store and Android Marketplace for "Couch to 5k", but I couldn't put my hands on one for "Couch to Marathon".  Thinking back on it, I believe there are good reasons for that.

The daughter and I at a 5k fundraiser race in Feb.
( I got 2nd place in my age bracket - crazy eh?)

I'm droning on... at any rate, I found an app for my phone (join me on http://runkeeper.com - my username is LoganCashwell) that had a training plan on it for "Marathon to Finish".  My goal was to get it done inside of a year, which I later found out was pretty aggressive.  Ignorance can sometimes hurt you... I finished that one and loaded up a new one that was a "Sub 4hr Marathon" which pushed me harder.

Last week I ran 20 miles, PR'd for time, and had gas in the tank at the end (yes, I was shocked).

So, here I am signed up for my first marathon 21 days hence.  Am I crazy?  Probably.  Am I ready?  Probably.  I won't know until the road and I have a conversation on the 21st of April 2013, a month before the anniversary of that first 5k which re-launched my running career, which flushed away much of the stress of my days.

So, run payroll run pavement?  It's all good.  The race I'm running is a fundraiser supporting the Troops and their families.  They ask all runners to try and raise some funds for the cause, so I'm reaching out here to my readers to see if I can beat their $400 fundraising goal.  The blog gets 300 hits a day even when I'm ignoring it and being a failed blogger by not posting, so if you are looking to support a good cause, click my link and donate what you can.

I'm running in honor of the memory of my grandfather and great grandfather - Lt. Claude Cason Cashwell, US Army (WWI) and Machinist Mate I Claude Kendis Cashwell, US Navy (WWII).




Friday, February 8, 2013

Getting it On!

I had a great reminder the other day from one of my clients regarding an old principal that is now new again in my mind.  Refreshed...

The concept is that Owners and Mangers should be working "On" their business, not "In" their business.

What does this mean?  I'm sure that it can have as many meanings as people who read the words and ponder it to themselves, but to me it is clear.

Working "On" my business affects all of my customers or employees, or operations.
Working "In" my business affects a very small portion of the previous.

This, in payroll could be, for example the difference between hand delivering a package of W2s that the courier missed vs. spending that time evaluating a new courier service and calling some references.

So, keeping this post short and sweet... did you work In or On your business today?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Get into Arte

Stumbled across another excellent blog by a big name in HR this morning.  If you read this, you should add Arte Nathan's blog to your reading list:  http://www.thearteofmotivation.blogspot.com

Arte has had a distinguished career in HR which gives his colorful posts some deep perspective.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Heartland Payment Systems acquires Ovation Payroll

"A Princeton, N.J., company that specializes in processing credit card payments for merchants has acquired Rochester’s Ovation Payroll to expand its payroll services business."

-Democrat & Chronicle.com


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

PlatinumPay Xpress Unleashed!

Nothing feels better than releasing a cutting edge new product for our licensees, and our clients! PlatinumPay Xpress was born to serve the 1-50 employee market and is ready to roll!

Shameless plug!!  http://www.execupay.com - take a look at the 1 minute video... seeing is believing: