Thursday, March 13, 2008

My favorite question for PSBs (Payroll Service Bureaus) this week

This week my favorite question to ask service bureaus is the following:

"What are you doing this week in preparation for the onslaught of new customers that you will get at the end of the year?"

Most folks aren't really thinking too hard about this question. Tax Season is upon us, people are planning their May vacation/veg-out and maybe don't 'want' to work this out right now. I ask people the question because it brings up two key points:
  1. You're not planning for an onslaught of new customers this fall? Why not?!?
  2. If you are indeed making plans to build the business up with a new sales effort, are you planning operationally to have the capacity to serve them, and serve your existing client base without a hiccoup?

So, what are you doing to market your service? What value-added services are you adding this year to compete with ADP and Paychex? (see marketing department links on the right). If they offer it, you ought to too! It isn't hard to find good partners, and they are eager to join forces with you, since in many cases, ADP & Paychex are eating away at their businesses as well.

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