Monday, July 14, 2008

Whitepaper Working Title: Beating the Stagnation Blues

I'm kicking off the start of a new Whitepaper for small to mid-sized payroll service bureaus today. My working title, "Beating the Stagnation Blues".

I picked this topic based upon the information passed to me by many of the prospective new customers I work with each day regarding what their concerns are about the way things have been going for them and their business.

The first thing that comes to mind for me when our conversation begins is that if they are willing to talk to a guy about changing their software package for payroll, that they are not satisfied with something taking place in their day-to-say operation... this might not be the software.

Many times the reason people are chasing after a new software solution is simply that their business has begun to stagnate. They are looking at the past couple of years and see that they've not gained or lost business... life is rolling along, the bills are being paid, but they want more. They are chatting with me because they are looking for an out. A way out of the holding pattern that they have entered.

More to come...

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