Thursday, January 29, 2009

Marketing Your Payroll Service

Once upon a time, a little earlier this decade, I worked with the gentleman in the video I'm embedding below. Chip was a pleasure to work with as a client, and I was rather impressed when I stumbled upon this advertisement on YouTube for his payroll service bureau in Myrtle Beach, SC. Accuchex looks to be doing well for themselves!

There are many ways that you can advertise your payroll services, TV spots being just one of them. A friend of mine who works inside of the industry in my local market recently clued me into the fact that buying TV time seems to be getting less and less expensive as the economy gets worse. I remember reading a report back in November regarding election advertisements, and the fact that the Networks were short on advertisers to fill the gaps after the season ended. One core fact that comes to mind is that during election years, the revenue is usually through the roof for the networks, and this past November, it was flatlined - even with the influx of political dollars. If televised advertising is something you have considered for your business, now may be the time to strike (e.g.,
Bernstein downgrades CBS to underperform).

Hint: Everything Is Negotiable

Check out Chip's ad for some inspiration:
  • Real people (local faces)
  • Local Touch Emphasized ('you will talk to the same people whenever you call')
  • Local Local Local! Focused on their contribution to the local economy - even if it is subtle.
  • Delivery car wrapped in advertising for the company
  • Consistant Branding Throughout

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