Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Its A Small World After All.... (repeat)

Here is Logan, live from Disneyland in Anaheim, CA! Yes, the family vacation is on track - the kids are wiped out.

They sleep, I type.

The best part of a theme park for me is the people watching. You will never find a better melting pot of families to stare at while they are staring back at you. Yesterday, the best part of my day was helping someone out who I saw filling a baby bottle from the tap in the men's room.

Not cool... disgusting even.

What I haven't said, is that I lived down in this area for 7 years or so, and formerly had season plasses to the, "happiest place on earth." This makes me an expert. When you are an expert, it is your duty to share what you know to help the world in some way (at least that is how I feel). So, I've been around the block here in the Magic Kingdom, and this guy clearly hadn't. From what I gather, the little secret I shared with him isn't even clearly marked on the map...

What was the little secret? The ultimate customer service experience. Yes, I've never had better. Down on Main St. is a little door in between the Corn Dog Cart (best in the world) and the restrooms. Inside are people dressed like nanny's from the 1800's who assist you with all things baby. There are little toilets, changing tables, ice cold water on tap... it is a stress free zone for stressed out mothers and fathers.

They even - without a legal waiver - will wash and heat your baby's bottle for you.

Anyways, I told this guy to get out of the john, and get down the street to a little piece of daddy heaven. I'm sure the silent oasis in the midst of chaos had to have helped sooth the evening for them.

Moral of the story - share what you know, because nice people are the kind of people your customers tell their friends about.

Now, time to roll the kids out of bed for another day in sunny Southern California, expensive food, and, "Dad, can I have a 15" $10 lollypop?"

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