Friday, April 10, 2009

What's His Face?

Lynn Wenger is my guest author today, sharing a little bit about business and social networking on

That question might cross your mind as your trying to remember a recent interview, an old classmate, or your neighbor from 5 years ago. Facebook is the popular social network for 30 something’s to socialize and advertise. There is a secret to advertising on Facebook though. People are fickle and if they aren’t expecting you to knock on their proverbial door, your efforts may quickly damage your reputation rather than help it. Read on to learn a few trick to promote your business on Facebook.

Your first and foremost effort is to set up a Profile and start making Friends. Make good use of your personal page “what on your mind” updates. Promote a video, request user reviews on a book, or ask an intriguing question. Your friends will see you each time you’re active and they can easily make comments.

Set up an interactive and intriguing Page for your business, which can be used to engage fans and capture a new audience base. The more active your page becomes, the more visible it becomes to the friends of your fans and so forth.

Set up an Ad that will display on your target market's group, application event, or personal pages. The ad visibility depends on how well you can target your market and how much you can afford. Combine your Ad with an active Page to engage your Fans.

A few other useful forums are in the Marketplace, which is the Craigslist of Facebook.

The biggest secret of all though is Update Regularly. Updating your Profile and Page regularly with fresh photos, upcoming events, and the latest promotions means that you will stay in front of your Friends and Fans.

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