Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So, you've got payroll experience...

You have some payroll experience? How much? Lots? EXCELLENT!

You got laid off? An all too familiar story... can't find work? Even more familiar. Just last night I was watching our local news as they interviewed High School kids looking for summer work.

There isn't any.

Why aren't there any summer jobs to speak of? Because grown-ups are filling the slots, and if there are enough desperate a-dults out there who need work, who in there right mind wants to hire a pimply kid who's working for gas money?

So, the question is... what are you going to do with that payroll experience? If you have an entrepreneurial bone in your body, I would strongly suggest starting your own payroll business. Why not? It couldn't hurt to try.

I'm not talking about buying a big software package and opening a store front. I'm talking about your classic Mom/Pop shop. A kitchen table operation, no more, no less.

There are a number of options out there that will allow you to private label your services via the web, and this is the perfect method to use to see if you have what it takes to build up a client base.

Here is how you might get rolling:

  • Find a payroll solution - PayCycle.com / QuickBooks / Accountant's World / Etc.
  • Buy a copy of The Payroll Source
  • Find a friend or family member to Guinna pig the business on (do a side-by-side payroll first to make sure you've nailed it)
  • ...and you're in business - go get that 2nd client!

Seriously, in our current economic slump the payroll business is prospering. People are leaving the large bureaus such as ADP and Paychex looking for a better deal, and to support local services. My clients are in the black - up 5 - 15% over last year which is fabulous in today's marketplace.

I say, dig in and get your piece of the action while the getting is good.


  1. Interesting, that is just what I am trying to do! It's tough to find the clients though if you don't have sales experience.

  2. If you'd like to chat about some ideas in that area, give me a call. That's what I do. 877-423-2782 ext #245

    No sales pitch (I'll save that for a year from now when you're a smashing success!)

  3. I am interested in starting a payroll service bureau also. However, I do not know how to even begin.

  4. Teresa - where you begin really depends on where you are starting. Have you worked at a payroll service or in a payroll department? Are you looking to boot-strap the venture (little or no $$$ to start with) or are you going to have some funds to work with? Can you, or have you sold any type of service in the past?

    I ask these questions because they will define how you start down this path. They will determine which type of software platform you will likely start with, and what kind of method you will need to embrace in order to gather up new clients.

    If you'd like to chat offline about this, feel free to give me a call some time. Like I said above, no scary sales pitch - just helpful advice.

  5. You have brought some really payrolling points. I wonder how much a person has to suffer to get a job without an experience. This is out of limitation but you can earn your experience in a payroll services firms. I think they hire freshers too.

  6. Payrolling - I've seen a number of excellent new hires come into the payroll business at both large and small payroll firms without direct experience.

    One shop I recall looked for trainable folks from grocery checking and waitpersons who understood both change and how tips work.

    Bottom line is that anyone who has the ambition to learn a new skill and gain some expertise while on the job has the entrepreneurial seed that a good manager will want to cultivate.

    If it's payroll you want, its payroll you will get.