Friday, January 15, 2010

Les Cayes, Haiti - 01.15.2010 10:51AM

From: Timothy Troxel
Sent: Friday, January 15, 2010 10:51 AM
Subject: Haiti Team Update

Greetings to all in the name of our Lord,

As you all know, today was the day we had originally planned on leaving Haiti. I know you are probably getting information in bits and pieces so this email is to give as complete an update as we can. We are very thankful for the Lord's providence. As just one example, there was a sea container that arrived last Saturday with a lot of sheets, crutches, soaps, and other personal items. When it arrived, they were not sure exactly where it was going to go, but knew they would be able to find a place. Then the earthquake happened and friends in Christianville near Port requested a list of items. It matched up with much of what was in the container. We are truly grateful to be safe and rest in his hands.

I have just bullet pointed items below:
  • We are safe in Les Cayes which is in the southwest portion of the island. We are staying at the guest house near the missionary compound.
  • A load of supplies was sent to the affected earthquake area.
  • A group was going to leave this morning was going to go, but was encouraged not to due to safety. Haitian drivers are taking the supplies. We foreigners are staying in.
  • Airspace in Haiti is restricted. Nothing is flying in and out of Les Cayes and very little in and out of Port au Prince. Mission Flights International (MFI) is flying limited flights out of Cap Haiti in the north to extract people.
  • To get to cap by driving, we would need to go through Port and it would be a very long drive if we can get there at all via roads.
  • Getting diesel is getting very difficult. Long lines are forming and stations run out. Supply lines are not running.
  • Flights are available out of Dominican Republic, however, to get there via driving, we must go through Port and it is also a very long way. Also crossing the border is an unknown.
  • The earliest AA flight out of Port is the 22nd, if they are able to keep the schedule and do not have to push it back further.
  • Another option that we have thought of is if there were any charter boats that could at least get us to the DR or Jamaica from Cayes. This is probably a little longer shot but may have promise!
  • Unrest has not begun yet that we know of. My understanding is that we are just now losing the supply lines and as things tighten up, things could get desparate, especially around Port.
  • Our biggest challenge with travel is getting out of Cayes without going through Port. Everything in this country goes through Port and everything is chaos and out of commission.
  1. We have heard the docks are down
  2. Pipelines are out
  3. The UN has lost many of their top personnel in Haiti when their main building collapsed. (The UN is the permanent police here.)
  4. The airport tower is down and they are out of fuel for refueling planes.
  5. The airport has little room for planes to sit so they probably cannot land many more.
  6. They are burying in mass graves at this point.

We know that we are in God's hands as always. As of right now, we are making the best of things and working to get as much done as we can around the compound. We have no idea when or how we will be able to get home, but we also are not the highest priority. We have food and supplies and our buildings are intact. There are others sleeping in the streets with no food or water right now.

Thank you for your prayers and love. We trust God to keep us all until we meet again.


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