Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Earlier this week I spent my drive home from my day full of payroll talking with my Dad. We spoke of his recent trip to Seattle to see U2, and about our upcoming trip to visit the family in Bend, Oregon over Father's Day Weekend. But the most memorable part of our chat was about his softball team taking the gold last weekend. This wasn't just any softball team. This was the Special Olympics team from Bend.

I remember back in grade school when Dad took me to their basketball practices when he was coaching and I got to practice with the team. These players were hard core! I got knocked to the floor a number of times which was when the true colors of the Special Olympics showed themselves... the ball hit the floor, and the whole team ran over to help me up and see if I was OK.  A couple of players gave me a hug (nearly rib cracking hugs in one case!).

Now, I don't really follow sports, but I know good sportsmanship when I see it.  These folks love to play, but they also have a lot of love for each other and want everyone to have a good time.  I remember Dad saying that he always learns more from his experiences with the players then he teaches them.

What has my Dad taught me?

  • How to work with ANYONE
  • How to play fair
  • Negotiation
  • Humility
  • Office Politics Survival Strategies (yeah, I was listening in... lol)
  • Equality
  • A zillion other things I owe to him, but couldn't name...

I would encourage everyone to think back this Father's Day to the life lessons that your Dad has passed on to you that have shaped the way you do business, and let them know.

Happy Father's Day Dad!  Thanks for everything.

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