Friday, July 1, 2011

R.I.P. Intuit Complete Payroll Services

Intuit is finally closing the doors on Complete Payroll Services.

It has been over four years since I left Intuit Complete Payroll Services as the sale of the majority of their client base was made to ADP.

Many friends stayed on and worked through the conversion (not my specialty), and have since moved on to new opportunities.  The time I spent with the team in San Bernardino, California will be counted among the most important experiences of my career in the payroll industry.

We were a great team, and some of the greatest team members were those who arrived at Intuit from CBS Employer Services in 2002 during Intuit's acquisition of the company.  CBS Payroll was a family business founded in 1966 and grew to support over 12,000 clients at the time of acquisition.

CBS Payroll is an example of what every independent payroll service bureau strives to become.  Not the target of acquisition, but in a place where they could be.

Hats off to the Sykes family for reaching for the sky and showing us the way - Joe, Mike, Tammy... and all of those who helped them along the way.

As the Intuit payroll engine continues to burn through fuel... CRI ($200 million), CBS ($78 million), now PayCycle ($170 million)... I am having a harder and harder time seeing their point.

$448 million dollars invested (at least...)  $278 million lost, and $170 million on the table?  I certainly hope that the folks at PayCycle did their homework, or that Intuit has learned from their past, failures.

...and finally, a shout-out to the last man standing from CBS Payroll Software - U da man Joe!


  1. Logan, where are working now?

    I agree with the Intuit comments. They spend a lot of money buying payroll services that they put into a software service model. Payroll requires a lot of customer service which seems contrary to the software model.

  2. Steve - I'm managing the payroll software licensing business, and IT for Execupay here in San Antonio. It's a great business, with great people to work with.

  3. Hi Logan, I stumbled upon your blog while researching payroll services. What would you recommend for a single-officer S-Corp? I was considering using my bank's payroll service, but SurePayroll and Intuit seem interesting as well.

    Any thoughts...?

  4. Dennis,

    I would always recommend working with a local service bureau, even in your case. The high-service level you will get won't be approachable by a bank, and if you have questions, Intuit certainly will have plenty of deflection tools in place to eliminate your call before it gets to a real human. Banks tend to offer payroll as a teaser to get your accounts moved over, but are mostly resellers of other company's payroll offerings, so unless you are looking for another 'free' checking account...

    Feel free to email me directly with your region if you would like the names of bureaus I know in the area.


  5. Thanks so much! Emailing you now... :)