Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to School Payroll?

I was just reading advertisement in disguise as an article on paying student employees put out by Intuit this morning, and had a thought.

Why not get on this bandwagon?  Student's are hard up for jobs, this much is clear.  I remember my first few jobs well... a small movie rental store, fast food, a local regional grocery store, and hawking used furniture with a friend of mine's father on the weekends.  Not glamorous  that much is certain, but I learned a lot about life as I began dipping my foot into the adult world.

The jobs that could be the most intriguing are the small businesses.  No, the jobs were not intriguing, but the opportunity to make inroads in the community, and help small business owners to support High School and College age kids is.

This could be a great opportunity to both find new payroll business, and give back to your community in a couple of ways:

  • You could be helping kids to understand what all the little numbers on those pay stubs mean
  • You could help the student to establish their employment paper trail and first real bit of data for their resume
  • You could sponsor a student employment seminar and resume review with other business owners, or even get the ball rolling on a 'students only' small business job fair.
Use your imagination, and check out what one entrepreneur at Intuit Canada came up with in the article below:

The ABCs of Hiring Student Employees - Press Release - Digital Journal

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Seriously? "Grim outlook could hold back payroll firms"

I guess Jefferies & Co. Inc's analysts only talked to ADP... not a single drop of negativity from the folks I chatted with last week at the Independent Payroll Providers Association annual conference.

I saw new vendors providing ancillary services who had never attended, a huge turnout for the 'new members' reception, and a general buzz going around regarding growth, and success in our industry that provides payroll and HR services specifically to the small and mid-sized business.

Post your success stories as a comment and help show the world the real story - that there is a lot more to our industry than ADP and PAYX...

"Companies that process payroll for small business are feeling the pressure of a slumping economy and the diminishing confidence business owners have in short-term recovery."
Grim outlook could hold back payroll firms - Forbes.com